Tanning at Urban Glo

Sunbed Prices
3min £2.40
6min £4.80
9min £7.20
12min £9.60
15min £12.00

Happy Hour Prices
Monday to Friday excluding weekends.
3min £1.50
6min £3.00
9min £ 4.50
12min £6.00
15min £7.50

Course Prices
30min £20.00
45min £30.00
60min £40.00
90min £55.00
120min £70.00

Nails at Urban Glo

New Set of Enhancements
Using tip & overlay or sculpting forms to extend the natural nail.
TECH £35

Natural Nail Overlay
Applying a thin coat of product over the existing nail to strengthen & enhance.
TECH £35

Recommended every 2-3 weeks to ensure prolonged wear of nail enhancements.
TECH £30

Single Nail Fix/Repair
To fix a broken or damaged nail

Shellac/Gel Polish
Ease of a polish, with the permanence of gels, lasts up to 14 days. Includes file & cuticle work.

Custom Nail Service
Tailor made to your specific requirements. Using a myriad of colours, crystals, glitters to create an individual look.
Prices Start At £2
(In addition to regular service cost. P.O.Q)

Removal of Enhancements
This treatment is recommended to safely remove enhancements & shellac/gel polish without damaging the natural nail.
Removal and Reapplication £3
Complete Removal £15
(Inc mini mani to restore & condition nail)

Beauty at Urban Glo

All waxing treatments are performed with products infused with tea tree oil renowned for its natural, antibacterial properties. Suitable for sensitive skin types. Strip and stripless waxing techniques used.

Eyebrows £9
Lip £7
Chin £8
Nasal £7
Sides of Face £12
Underarms £9
Forearm £13
Half leg £16
Full leg £25
Standard Bikini £11
Extended Bikini £16
Brazilian Bikini £22
Hollywood Bikini £25
Chest £18
Chest & Stomach £22
Back £22

White To Brown Spray Tanning
White to Brown Spray tan solution is available in a wide variety of shades to suit every client.

Full Body £30
Half Body £20
Thursday Special Full Body £20

Brow Tint* £8
Define your brows using a tint mixed to a bespoke colour for you.

Lash Tint* £12
Transform your lashes from fair and sparse to full and fabulous. Variety of tint options available.

Lash Lift
Lash Lift & Colour Boost* £40
Enhance your natural lashes with lift, length and volume. No maintenance for 6 weeks

Lash Extensions
Full set of lash extensions* £55
Semi-permanent lash extensions enhance your natural lashes length, curl and thickness by adhering a synthetic individual eyelash to each natural eyelash.

Lash Extension Maintenance* £30
Maintain your lashes up to 3 weeks from your full set. For any maintenance appointments over 3 weeks a full set price may apply.

*Patch test required at least 24 hours prior to all tinting, lash lift and lash extension appointments.
Lash maintenance is only performed on sets that we have previously applied.